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The gospel changes you…

Posted by on Aug 30, 2013 in Blog, Jeff | 0 comments

Let me just start by saying that I refuse to believe that I’m getting older – I really can do everything I was able to do when I was younger, and I’ll prove it.  My family and I recently began taking Tae Kwon Do (TKD), which I did in college. Its actually pretty awesome, like college.

Come to find out, I can do everything now that I could do in college!  I even have the same belt and the same uniform.  The proof goes further yet!  In college, I had a rib separated while sparring in a tournament.  Just recently, I bruised my ribs while doing takedown drills – not separated exactly, but the pain is actually worse this time around – and worse is better, right?!

Another time in college, in a tournament right before a trip to nationals, I overextended on a kick and snapped my right hamstring.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago – yup, overextended on a kick and ripped my left hamstring.  I got quite a bruise, but it didn’t tear as bad as the one in college – maybe my body can handle injury better now after all!

And just yesterday, I evidently didn’t let my hamstring heal enough and pulled it again.  I never did that in college!

So what does any of that have to do with the price of tea in China?

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What is the gospel anyway?

Posted by on Aug 8, 2013 in Blog, Jeff | 0 comments

What is the gospel?

It seems like such a simple question, doesn’t it?  Four little words.  And three of them are “what”, “is”, and “the”.


Simple, right?

So, what is the gospel?

Let’s start with the definition of “gospel” – The Greek word we get “gospel” from is “euangelion” which literally means “good news.”

Imagine reading the sports section in the Dallas Morning News on January 31st, 1994 and seeing the headline “BACK TO BACK CHAMPS!”  Good news indeed!  To Cowboys fans anyway.

Imagine waking up on the morning of Tuesday, May 8th, 1945 to see this headline:  “VICTORY!  Nazis reveal surrender to Western Allies, Russia.”  Great news indeed.  Unless you were a Nazi.

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Wash, rinse, repeat…

Posted by on Apr 30, 2013 in Blog, Jeff | 0 comments

Indulge me while I geek out a bit here, and if I mention something about computer games or 80′s music, just nod like you know what I’m talking about. Oh, and just to make things clear, nothing I talk about here can be considered “old”…”retro” maybe, but not “old”.

And I’m a geek, not a nerd.

Now that we have that straight…

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The Greatest Miracle oft Forgotten…

Posted by on Apr 26, 2013 in Blog, Jeff | 0 comments

So, I learned a few things this week.  One – sushi tastes WAY better on the way down than on the way up.  Two, really, sushi tastes WAY better on the way down.

OK, maybe that’s the only thing I learned this week.

One thing I was reminded of this week, in the midst of my suffering through a bout with the flu, is that I do some of my best thinking when I’m asleep.  And it’s by God’s grace that I remember any of it when I wake up.  During one of my naps, I was reminded of something miraculous.

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The faith of a child…

Posted by on Apr 19, 2013 in Blog, Jeff | 0 comments

Sometimes I envy my children.  They ask a question, I answer it as best as I can, and they generally just accept the answer.  No explanations are necessary.

“Dad, why is the sky blue?”
“Because the moisture in the air reflects light at around 475 nanometers, and your eyes see it as blue.”
“Thanks dad!”

“Dad, what is sin?”
“Sin is anything that God considers wrong.  It’s actions, thoughts, words, deeds, part of who we are.  Each one of us is sinful because we aren’t perfect, and everybody does things that God hates.”
“Thanks dad!”

“Dad, where do babies come from?”
“Go ask your mother.”
“Thanks dad!”

Sure, sometimes we hash out difficult things, but even in those times they usually don’t challenge – they ask with a genuine desire to learn.

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Even “good” kids need God…

Posted by on Apr 12, 2013 in Blog, Jeff | 0 comments

By all accounts, I was a “good” kid.

I grew up in an upper middle class family.  I was a Cub Scout.  I got great grades, graduated from high school, and went straight to college.  I have had two paying jobs (not at the same time).  I dated three girls (also not at the same time), one for a few months, one for a few years, and have been married to the third since 1996.  I’ve had two speeding tickets, never been arrested, and can literally count on four fingers of one hand the number of alcoholic drinks I have had.

I never got grounded and my parents always knew where I was.  I always called if I was going to be a little late due to unplanned events, and I always called to ask if I could stay out later if we were having fun.

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Courage in the face of death…

Posted by on Apr 5, 2013 in Blog, Jeff | 0 comments

I read a blog post today about Roger Ebert’s death and it got me thinking, which, I suppose, was the purpose of it.  Why post something if you don’t want people thinking about it.

Anyway, with Easter being last Sunday, and thinking about how Jesus has defeated death and sin for His people, it is rather somber to think that one day a person could have the rest of their life to look forward to but not realize that the end of “the rest of their life” is two short days away.  Two days.  Roger Ebert had plans, people to see, places to go, movies to watch.  He had articles to write.  He had cancer to beat.  He had the rest of his life.

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